Why Should I Care About SEO?

There are plenty of highly experienced and qualified attorneys and small firms who get annoyed when their site doesn’t rank with search engines how they feel it deserves. This can be especially frustrating when a fresh attorney bursts onto the scene at the top of the Google’s pages, beating out the more experienced firms. But the mentality surrounding search engine ranking must change for today’s attorneys to remain successful in the field. Search engines are not making money from organic search results, like any other website, the cash flows in from advertisements. So in order to incentivise the search engine to rank your site high organically, sending searchers to your site will need to build more confidence in the search engine itself.

Think about it: a search engine’s only job is to provide users with trustworthy search results, so the next time they search for something, they’ll use the same search engine. Search engines’ organic rankings are based solely on creating confidence in a search engine’s brand, not that of the firm.

For a firm to organically rank highly, they’ll need to keep up with the many tricks of the trade that SEOs use to continually rank amongst search engines. These tricks are meant to take searchers exactly where they want to go on the web, which, in turn, instills trust for that search engine, meaning the user will use the same search engine in the future.

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